Predictions for 2011

Last updated Friday 29 April 2011 at 2:30 PM

Please note that this page is updated manually according to my schedule, so don't panic if you submitted a date and don't see it hear yet, it will show up eventually :-)

Multiple people on the same date are listed in the order in which their choices were received here at the worldwide headquarters of Canoe Lake Ice-out.

The previous year's ice-out date is marked with a ♦.

Current prediction count: 157

Apr 01 (Fri) Bill Robinson
Apr 02 (Sat) Cindy Puck
Apr 03 (Sun) ♦  
Apr 04 (Mon)  
Apr 05 (Tue)  
Apr 06 (Wed) Paul Hoy
Apr 07 (Thu) Doug Gardner, Christopher White
Apr 08 (Fri) Marc Tropper
Apr 09 (Sat) Paul Calder
Apr 10 (Sun) Lynda & Jerry Wilson, Kathleen White
Apr 11 (Mon) Stan Verscay, Bob Gibson, Alex Thompson, Jeff Proppe, John De Pretto
Apr 12 (Tue) Rob Waywell
Apr 13 (Wed) Julia Charles, Alex Plant
Apr 14 (Thu) Mark Rubino, Daniel Frank
Apr 15 (Fri) Debbie Ridpath Ohi, Joan Cossette, Malcolm Dunne, Harry Teitelbaum, Carl Skompinski, Janine White
Apr 16 (Sat) Clark Matthews, Rob Dennison &Maryanne Lewis, Roy Stewart, Brian LePoidevin, Kevin Fridman, Mike Ormsby, Steve Bunn, Kevin Fridman
Apr 17 (Sun) David DeMara, Duane McPhail, Grant Dawson, Jane White, Todd Chapman, Sandy Churchill
Apr 18 (Mon) Hugh Statten, Helen Lee, Richard Morochove, David Cairncross, Jim McFarland, Mark Scarlett, Gord Reid, Steve Bewcyk
Apr 19 (Tue) Virginia Ridpath, Randy Mitson, Melissa Rogers, Kevan Cull, Andrew McGuey, Brian LePoidevin, James White, Bruce Nesbitt, Johnny Boland, Jim McFarland
Apr 20 (Wed) Charles Plant, Martin Rus, Christine Stoneman, Mary Dwan King, Alex Statten, Mark Weist, Sherry & Bruce Sandilands
Apr 21 (Thu) Jeff Ridpath, Walter Korynkiewicz, Brian Parkinson, Mark Steele, Finn Yule, William Harney, Glenn Strudwick, Kyle Schinnour, Ray Mccullough, Nick Boland
Apr 22 (Fri) Harry Binswanger, Scott Murray, Ray VanKleef, Karin McCaskill, Glen Petersen, Rob Nadolny, George Henry Jr., Jill Matthews, Andrew Foxcroft, John Toivanen, Steve Soloduka, The Brackleys, Ken Born, Steve Jeffery
Apr 23 (Sat) Joel Arthurs, Holly Gibson Stewart, Andre Gulabsingh, Michael Dunne, 'Swebbs', Leon Turcotte, Rick Guthrie
Apr 24 (Sun) John Ridpath, Sheryl Fink, James Miglin, Sandra Matthews, Sean Murray, Cory Chapman, Mary Higgison, Derrick Cann, Mark Venzon, Bob Mollard, John Rose
Apr 25 (Mon) Gwen Lloyd, Karen Yule, Missy Sharp, Kris Schattmann, Gord Baker (Algonquin Outfitters), Jeffrey McMurtrie, Gar Grainger, Edward Kuo, Tom Kelly, Curtis Locke
Apr 26 (Tue) John Manson, Doug Pole, Jim Corbett, Laird Saunderson, Debra Delgado, Liz Clingman, Dr. Taylor Statten
Apr 27 (Wed) Alison George, Lisa Lebeer, Craig White, Jennifer Clarridge, Matt Gutpell
Apr 28 (Thu) Kaarel Truuvert, Drew Czernik, Paul Rochetta, John Chesney, Marshall Leslie, Larry Love
Apr 29 (Fri) Don Lloyd, Gavin Bee, Sarah Matthews, Simon Nelson, Trevor Hammer, Anthony Cheron
Apr 30 (Sat) John & Timea Cameron, David Sullivan, Gary Sidell, Lee Eccleston
May 01 (Sun) Clark Wierda
May 02 (Mon) Randy Born
May 03 (Tue) Steve Dunsford, Sarah Temelini
May 04 (Wed)  
May 05 (Thu) Ted Sues
May 15 (Sun) Lorne Wilkinson

Here's the current distribution of votes for each date...

Graph of Votes


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